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How to turn off Wii remote sound

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How can I turn my wii remote sound off?

“How can I turn the sound off on the wii remote? It goes through battery’s really fast so I was thinking if I could turn the sound off that would help. Thanks :”

Step 1. On your Wii remote, in the middle, between the “-” and the “+” buttons, there is a button with a house on it. That is the home button. On it, there are choices, the choice to restart a game, change the Wii remote settings, or go to the Wii menu.
Step 2. To get the the Wii remote settings, you need to click on the picture of the Wii Remote on the bottom left hand corner. On it, it will have sound settings, the reconnect button, and the rumble option.
Step 3. You need to click the minus button near the top of the wii remote icon to turn the sound down.

Sound or Video Problems

If there is nothing wrong with the hookup, but you are experiencing sound or video issues with your Wii, check to make sure that the game itself is not the problem. Do this by going through the Wii channel and the menu. If the problem is gone, and other games work correctly, the game may be defective. If these problems continue on those channels, the problem may be with the console itself, and you should notify Nintendo.

Wii remote sound is fuzzy

Step 1. Check and replace your Wiimote betteries.
Step 2. If Step 1 can not fix Wii remote sound problem, then purchase a new Wiimote .

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