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Amazon set up in Kunshan, China’s largest DC

August 30, 2011 Leave a comment

This is the eighth of its logistics base in China wholesale, 10 million square meters of base is located in Kunshan City, Huaqiao Economic Development Zone.

Two storage sites will be put into use in July and September, respectively.

Center One insider said: “In the Yangtze River Delta region of all online order processing, and new logistics center in Kunshan, completed, July delivery,” added delivery time will be shortened to a half day, a result.

Upon completion, the logistics base, will those who have the greatest operating in China.

Amazon has been in several Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, the establishment of seven logistics base, to provide consumers with millions of goods, including China electronics wholesale, household goods and more cheap Chinese products.

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UK Direct Dispatch Service at Echina24

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment

UK Direct Dispatch is a new delivery service available for selected items at Echina24 – China Wholesaler. When you place orders using this service, items will be delivered directly to your door via your local logistics company from Echina’s UK warehouses. This will greatly reduce the total purchase cost and significantly increase the resale margin. The warehouse in Birmingham, UK can dispatch items to all countries in the European Union.

Top 3 merits of this service:

1.Lower cost & higher margin: with this service, items from different sellers are consolidated into a single container, and shipped by ocean freight to UK warehouses. Thus, cost of delivery is reduced, which leads to lower purchase cost and higher resale margin.

2.Delivery within 3 days: after you place your order, items are directly dispatched to you from UK warehouses with a local logistics company. You will receive items in about 3 days from the day you placed the order. Thus, it saves a lot of time and makes the items more competitive in the market.

3.In-stock products: all items for sale have been purchased or produced by sellers already.

How do you find UK Direct Dispatched items at Echina24?

Click the ‘Stock in UK‘ navigation bar at the top of each page.

Stock in UK at Echina24

Don’t miss the marvelous business opportunities this service ensures you!

Bestsellers stocked in UK:

18 Iphone App Application Fridge Board Magnets3.6m Off Camera Shoe Cord ETTL For canon 500D 400D 350DCar fault reader code scanner diagnostic tool OBD2 CANCheap Wiimote (Wii Remote) + MotionPlus with free silicone case Special Bundle DealELM327 USB 1.4a OBD 2 II CAR DIAGNOSTIC UNIT INTERFACETwin IDE SATA HDD Hard Disk Drive Dock Docking StationUSB DIAGNOSTIC CABLE 409.1 OBD2 II CODE VAG COM VAG-COMLCD Digital Alcohol Breath Tester Analyzer Breathalyzer


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Top 10 essential tips for online shopping

June 23, 2011 Leave a comment


1. Online Shopping Date Line: If you have a big event, you want to purchase Chinese wholesale items online, be sure to carefully check the delivery date. For holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, some retailers will have a deadline for ordering and delivery guarantees. Always make sure to check the return policy – Many retailers will allow you to pay by mail back to the project.

2. Fraud free: to be alert to any transaction it sounds too good to be true, such as Kijiji or Craigslist website has never been moved to safety before agreeing to the purchase agreement to make money online. Sites such as eBay’s policy on fraud, so before buying your seller rating and read comments of other buyers. Report any site problems to enable them to shut down illegal vendors.

3. Credit: The safest way to buy online your credit card. This will ensure that your data is encrypted and protected, and there may be unauthorized use is usually liability insurance. Protect your password and look in the corner, to ensure site security padlock.

4. Price: online shopping in a foreign country if you must take into account the exchange rate conversion. If you can convert into Canadian dollars which is a site instead of waiting to see the bill will be the retail price of the UK or the U.S. a better choice.


5. High security: Only shop on secure wholesale products sites, you are familiar with. Typically, you can find more of a buyer’s guide through the places of consumption, or consumption measures the Commission and other information. Prior to the study, for the company and check, such as the famous spelling errors, glitches or pop-up window for any signs of unsafe sites.

6. Privacy: Read the site privacy policy and do not share information, it is not required – never give your personal bank account information or your social security number. To prevent any non-related to purchase to protect identity theft.

7. Ship shape: Do not fall into the excess freight. First, not all sites will ship your area, so check before setting your heart on the project on the website shipping details. Fees are generally based on size, weight and speed of delivery. Many sites will offer free shipping based on how much you spend, so stock up in order to take full advantage of the biggest benefits of your purchase.

8. Task: As Benjamin Franklin said: “The only certain thing in life is death and taxes” Although revenue in the era of the inevitable, you will want them to continue its consideration of the budget, how much you will depend on tax and consumption tax project type and its country of origin, it will be the factory, check out the Canada Border Services Agency office or for more information, border information services.

9. Record: Make sure you print or save the confirmation page information to the desktop. It should have a transaction number, shipping information and tax information. This allows you to track your shipment and arrival dates. Double-check it against any charges to your credit card.

10. Size matters: Try to buy from the store, you know your size. If you have not tried one in the retail project, caught on tape and chart their size to buy your own. Also, look at your clothes and have different views (if available) to see what it was like from the front and back look. Some (such as online store serves the video display tailoring and a more accurate fit.

There are a large number of cheap Chinese products on Now, go shopping online!!!  buy on Echina24 - cheap Chinese products wholesale


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Why Buy Cheap Wholesale products on Echina24

June 16, 2011 Leave a comment

China Wholesale products

Wholesale / Dropship Consumer Products: Mobile Batteries, Mobile Chargers, Bluetooth Headset, Lights, Elecronic Gadgets, PDA Accessories, Computer Accessories and More Accessories. – Shipping / Drop Shipping Worldwide, Direct From China.

Echina24 is a Chinese Wholesale company located in Shenzhen of China right next to Hong Kong. Owned rich product resources, we have great interest in developing business relationship with worldwide wholesalers. With our joint efforts, we are convinced that the business between us would bring much benefit to both of us.

Competitive Prices offers you competitive Wholesale / Dropship discount prices on all the products you find in our Online Wholesale Shop. Attractive bulk pricing is available on enquiry. This is your best opportunity to directly and safely access the Chinese electronics market – all in one place online, without the need to travel to China to find suppliers one by one.

Payment Way & Warranty

We can accept payments by Paypal, Credit Card Through Paypal, Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union. All the products covers a 12-month warranty. We provide full after-sales service to all of our customers and dropshipper. Return, Repair and Refund are acceptable.

Quality First

All of the products are brand new, top quality electronics: absolutely no closeouts, used electronics, or counterfeits. We offer you a wide-selection of consumer electronic products – all carefully selected with quality in mind, and quality controlled in our warehouse.

Fast & Safe Delivery to Worldwide

Shipping direct from China to major destinations (Europe, US, Australia, etc.) typically takes only 4 to 7 days. Shipping is via international courier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, or by AirMail, or by bulk freight forwarder. Shipping paperwork and customs clearance are taken care of by the courier companies, greatly simplifying the process for importers.

Cheap Prices,High Quality,Best Services,All Easy!

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