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How to Sync Wii Remotes

June 28, 2011 Leave a comment
Sync Wii Remotes
Sync Wii Remotes

The Wii Remotes that came with your Wii console is synced at the factory. But sometimes you may have the problemthat wii remotes controller not syncing. The article get you four steps to follow.

Whether you have purchased a new Wii remote or you bring your Wii remotes to friends homes to play games on their Wii game system, you will need to sync the remote with the Wii game system before playing. This article will list how to sync Wii remotes to the Wii game system.



You will first need to make sure your Wii remotes batteries works well. Then, turn on your Wii and go to the Wii Menu.


Open the little white door on the front of the Wii game console (this may require using your fingernail). You will notice a little rectangular red button.


Open the battery compartment of your Wii controller, which may require removing the rubber jacket. You will notice a little round red button there.


Press and hold the red button on the Wii game system and the red buttton on the Wii remote at the same time for at least 2 seconds. I usually hold down the remote button, then press the game console button for 2 seconds because it is easier for me. You will notice the 4 little blue lights on the front of the controller blink many times. The lights will eventually stop blinking and one of the four lights will remain on. The light that remains on tells which number Wii remote you have. The one on the left is number 1. The second from the left is number 2, etc.

If your remote for Wii still does not work, the best way is writing to Wii Customer Service.

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